The teams from the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, the National Planning Department (DNP) and the speaker coordinators of the economic commissions of the Congress of the Republic filed the paper for the second debate of the National Development Plan (PND).

«After the first debate, we met for about 15 days with the congressmen, listening and taking careful note of their observations and new proposals, aligned with the bases of the PND, with the aim of building together A road map for Colombia to be a world power of life«said Jorge Iván González, director of the DNP.

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This new document has 373 articles, of which 43 are new. In addition, minor modifications were made to most items. Before May 7, the bill of the National Development Plan must be approved in the plenary sessions of the Senate and House of Representatives.

One of the articles that was authorized included the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit to make payment agreementsrestructurings, debt refinancing for credit operations with entities that are in arrears, regardless of the collection stage in which they are.

The entity may also issue treasury securities to finance the payment of penalties for late payment by the National Fund for Social Benefits for Teachers (Fomag).

There was also the item that I would give Free access to the underground metro that President Gustavo Petro wantssince the Nation is empowered to co-finance railway projects in mass public transport systems that have a co-financing agreement, for an amount greater than 70 percent of the costs associated with burying projects in which the cost-benefit evaluation establishes these as the best alternative, applying only the requirements defined by the national government.

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Likewise, it is proposed to authorize the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (Icetex) to carry out the partial compensation of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) that make up the interest rate on educational loans, under scenarios of credit risk due to high inflation when the data revealed by the Danish is two digits.


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Regarding the mining-energy sector, an article was included that authorizes companies that provide natural gas services, or over which there is a situation of control, carrying out additional production, marketing, transportation, distribution, regasification, liquefaction, or storage activities. , with the purpose of ensure the supply and reliability of natural gas.

For this, the Creg will have a period of six regular months for these activities, taking into account possible conflicts of interest, anti-competitive conduct, abuse of a dominant position, among others, in order to protect end users and the provision of the service.

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In addition, it is proposed that in order to start the environmental license application process for energy infrastructure projects that are necessary for the energy transition, it will be sufficient to allege the administrative act of origin or not of the prior consultation issued by the Directorate of the Prior Consultation Authority.

However, to issue the environmental license, the companies must allege the certification of non-property of prior consultation or the protocolization act or decision of the competent authority.


Mauricio Duenas Castañeda. EFE

Through the PND, a free hand would also be given to create the National Institute for Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation, the National System for Animal Protection and Welfarethe National Family Justice System, the Fund for Bridging Gaps in Population Inequality and Territorial Inequity, the National Agency for Digital Security and Spatial Affairs, and the National System for the Progressive Guarantee of the Right to Food.

The PND contemplates a investment of 1,154 billion pesosfrom sources such as the General Budget of the Nation, the General System of Participations, territorial resources, public companies, the General System of Royalties and cooperation, which will be distributed over the next four years.

For the realization of this document, in addition to more than two months of conversations with congressmen, 51 Binding Regional Dialogues and 33 public hearings were held in which more than 260,000 people gave their opinions on the most relevant investment projects in each department.

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