The Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office and the Peruvian Prosecutor’s Office are investigating congressman José León for his relationship with the alleged Mexican drug trafficker Rodrigo Torres.

The drug attorney, Sonia Medina, and the prosecutor in the case took a statement on Wednesday.

«Mr. León is under investigation. They are proceedings typical of a preliminary investigation,» explained Media. «We have been the Public Ministry and the one who speaks. It was a formal and official diligence.»

León rented his house to Torres, in a place near the Trujillo warehouses, 570 kilometers north of Lima, where the Peruvian National Police (PNP) found 7.5 tons of pure cocaine hidden in blocks of coal in August.

The objective of the proceedings is to verify if León knew about the illegal activity of his tenant, the alleged leader of a network that sent drugs in large quantities to Spain and Belgium, through containers that left the Peruvian docks of Callao and Paita.