The country’s average premium fund, ColpensionsHe brought out one of his benefits for his affiliates, which would be maintained if the pension reform.

Through his Twitter account, the public pension fund the How is the help offered by the compensation funds in the country for pensioners?

(This is how you can apply for an unemployment subsidy with a compensation fund).

People who are in the group of people who have already achieved their pension and have salaries between 1 and 1.5 current monthly minimum wagesYou can enjoy benefits such as:

– Free affiliation to the compensation fund that you consider.

– Access to programs related to culture, recreation and sports.

– Training and tourist planes.

(The country where its inhabitants ‘rejuvenated’ a year from one day to the next).

It is worth noting that this is just one of the types of benefits that the pension reform of the government of President Gustavo Petro The current pension system, which is regulated by the so-called Law 100, will not change.

What are the benefits offered by a compensation fund?

from Fedesarrollo It is explained that the functions of these non-profit private law entities are supervised by the State through the Family Subsidy Superintendency.

(The ‘buts’ of Asofondos to the Petro pension reform project).

«The purpose of the Compensation Funds is to pay the beneficiary worker a monetary subsidy for their dependent child or disabled person and subsidies in kind and services, such as school supplies, recreation, education, health, training, etc.«, explained the Supersubsidies.

(‘What we ask for is a social pact’: Petro talks about the reforms).

The same way, The entity added that the income from the compensation funds originates from 4% of the value of the affiliate’s payroll.