With the live-action series headed to Netflix sometime in 2023 and a slew of anime episodes in the US library, we’re surprised multiple seasons of One Piece are leaving Netflix US in February 2023. .

As one of the most popular anime in the world, it was a big deal when several seasons of One piece they found their way to the Netflix library. Not to mention, with the live-action adaptation heading to Netflix soon, we didn’t expect the need to report on One Piece’s multi-season departure.

Fans will still have access to six seasons of the anime, but first-time pirates thinking of starting One Piece on Netflix US will need to set sail and binge pretty soon.

When will the seasons be One piece Leave Netflix US?

We can confirm that several seasons of One piece will leave Netflix US on February 11, 2023.

How many seasons of One Piece are leaving Netflix?

Netflix US is scheduled to lose all episodes from the beginning of Romance Dawn (Ep.1) to the end of Arabasta Saga (Ep. 130).

This means that Netflix will lose a total of our seasons from the US library.

Why are episodes of One piece leaving Netflix?

The first four seasons of One Piece were added to Netflix on June 12, 2020. This means that for just over two and a half years, these episodes have been available to stream.

While it’s been an extremely fast two and a half years, the license Netflix has to stream those episodes is coming to an end.

East Blue / Alabasta
SeasonsArcepisodesAdded to Netflix
oneeastern blue1-6112/06/2020
2Entering the Grand line62-7712/06/2020
3Chopper enters Winter Island78-9112/06/2020

When will more One Piece episodes come out on Netflix?

Since there was a two-year gap between the first and second batch of seasons added to One piecewe may not see seasons 5 to 10 of One piece leave Netflix until January/February 2025.

Will these seasons return to Netflix?

With the live-action adaptation due to be released on Netflix sometime in 2023, it would be in Netflix’s best interest to try to re-license any of the seasons that have been removed.

However, as the series is extremely popular with fans around the world, Netflix’s competitors Crunchyroll and FUNimation may prefer to keep the rights to the anime.

Will there be more seasons of One piece be added to Netflix?

We can never say never to more than One piece making its way to Netflix. It’s been several months since the last batch of seasons arrived, and there’s no indication if we’ll be getting more anytime soon.

seasons of One piece they were added in the months of May and June. If we’re lucky, we may see more coming. However, there was a two-year gap between the first and second batches, meaning fans could wait until spring 2024 to see more of it. One piece on Netflix.

Filler / Sky Island
SeasonsArcepisodesAdded to Netflix
7the golden bell174-19505/22/2022
Fill / Water 7
SeasonsArcepisodesAdded to Netflix
8The Naval Fortress196-20706/22/2022
9The Foxy Pirate Crew208-22806/22/2022
10water 7229-26306/22/2022

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