Ómar Ramírez made history by becoming the first foreign coach to win the Women’s League in Colombia. In addition, he gave the Lionesses their third crown, to become, alone, the team with the most titles.

It is not a bad balance for a coach who, as he himself says, came to women’s football by chance and who even did not even have plans to be a coach.

“I had notions of being a coach, but I had the illusion of being a professional player. It was not given to me. He directed a Copa Libertadores at 20, 21 years old, now he reached a final. Today I am in love with women’s soccer,» Ramírez told Win Sports.


Mauricio Moreno. WEATHER and Win Sports

Ramírez believes that what was seen in the final, with two stadiums with great enthusiasm and a large audience, is a gain. “Today women’s football wins, seeing a full stadium here and there. We must highlight the teams that participated, see this show, so much journalist… It is a joy, ”he said.

The gratitude of the DT to Eduardo Méndez

Ramírez thanked Eduardo Méndez, who introduced him to Colombia in 2018 to lead Unión Magdalena, a huge challenge for that moment in his career.

“When I arrived at Unión Magdalena I was scared to death: I was 24, 25 years old. Eduardo Méndez believed in my work, He was always looking out for me, also when I was in Junior, who helped me get there. Now he brings me to Santa Fe and here are the fruits, ”she insisted.

Ramírez did not leave out the thanks to the fans and, of course, the players. “For the fans, a very important title, this result ends up giving us the title. What can I tell you about the girls: they just did a feat, a full stadium, against the best process in terms of staff and time, with the people against it. A team had never been a visiting champion and it is the first time it has been achieved, ”he recalled.


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