An investigation is underway after a 28-year-old Ohio man died Tuesday, a day after police shot him because they believed he was a burglary suspect, as his family says he was cleaning the house of her late grandmother.

Joe Frasure was shot Monday morning in Wyoming, a city of about 9,000 located 12 miles north of downtown Cincinnati. He was hospitalized and died the next day, according to the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office.

His cause and manner of death have yet to be revealed.

Wyoming police said officers responded to an apartment building in the 300 block of Durrell Avenue shortly before 1 a.m. with a report of two or three people trying to enter a residence.

The 911 caller said the apartment should have been vacant.

Responding officers heard activity in the rear of the building and met Frasure and her father at the rear entrance, Wyoming Police Department Chief Brooke Brady said in a video statement.

She said that Frasure was in a minivan and refused orders to leave.

“The minivan reversed at high speed before hitting a tree, at which point the vehicle sped rapidly toward our officers,” he said. «Officers fired four shots at the minivan as it sped toward them.»

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office said Frasure was struck by gunfire.

After the shooting, the car crashed into the building.

«With the vehicle smoking and the engine still running, our officers forced their way into the minivan and removed Mr. Frasure from there. They then provided him with life-saving care and transported him to University Hospital,» it said.

Brady said he reviewed the officer’s body camera footage of the incident and it was shared with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and the Hamilton County Attorney’s Office, who are investigating the matter.

“This is a tragedy for everyone involved,” Brady said. «Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time.»

Police did not respond to requests for more details about the incident. The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office said the matter is still under investigation.

Frasure’s family has disputed the police account of the events, saying they were not suspected of robbery. Rather, they say he and his father had been cleaning out an apartment his grandmother lived in before she recently died, an NBC affiliate. Cincinnati WLWT informed.

His sister, Shonda Coleman, told the station: «I didn’t hear any of it. I didn’t hear any command. All I heard is pop, pop, pop, pop. Like, it was, like, ten rounds.»

“I want to see the body camera. I want all the police officers that were here, everyone that was here, I want their information,” she said.

Prosecutors are expected to hold a press conference on Friday with more information about the case, including body camera footage of the officers.