It already happened in 2003, but it affected only the Internet at a time when it was hardly used

A natural phenomenon known as a geostorm could occur in the coming months and cause effects on electrical networks and telecommunicationswhich could lead to a global blackout.

Also known as a solar storm, it is a powerful flare accessing the magnetic field terrestrial and that could be responsible for many electrical and communication failures. In the worst case, it could be the cause of, for several hours, a simultaneous blackout on the entire planet.

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This phenomenon already occurred in 2003, although it did not have the impact it had now because it only affected the Internet. and 20 years agoaccess to technologies was much more residual than the current one. Now, it would not only affect on a personal level but would have much more important repercussions in the workplace.

The explanation for a global blackout in the coming months is due to the current solar cycle, which began in 2020 and is expected to be tougher than what had been established. With many more sunspots than the previous one, the worst stage is expected to be between 2024 and 2025, although before that we can experience this global blackout.