choose love netflix movie what we know so far

Laura Marano in Netflix’s Choose Love – Picture: Netflix

Interactive content has been slowly finding its place on Netflix and beyond its ambitions in the space, Netflix has been developing choose love, an interactive romantic comedy starring Laura Marano. You, the viewer, will make decisions for Cami, Marano’s character, in some difficult romantic situations. The project and its cast were announced in March 2022 and will head to the service in August 2023.

from netflix choose love will be directed by Stuart McDonald, whose credits include Crazy ex-girlfriend, Summer Heights High and an upcoming untitled Netflix romantic comedy starring Victoria Justice. The script for choose love was written by Josann McGibbon, who wrote for projects like Runaway Bride, Desperate Housewives, The Beginner Wife, and more.

stuart mcdonald

Pictured: Stuart McDonald

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choose love is produced by Robyn Snyder, Deborah Evans, Mel Turner and Axel Paton, who have Netflix credits as Fall in love with the inn and beyond the party.

Now let’s look at everything else we know about Netflix. choose love:

What is the plot of choose love?

Here’s an extended synopsis of Netflix’s Choose Love:

“The story, or stories, centers on a recording engineer named Cami (Marano), who seemingly has it all and is heading towards a life of happiness with her boyfriend, Paul. But she feels that something is missing, and here come the options and the dilemmas. What if she’s actually missing out on an even better career, perhaps the long-abandoned singing career she once dreamed of? What if Paul isn’t the love of her life but Rex Galier (Jogia), the sexy British rock star who walks into her studio and falls irrepressibly for her? Or could it be Jack Menna (Webber), her first love and «the one that got away,» the idealistic world traveler who returns home and is ready to rekindle his youthful passion? Oh, decisions, decisions.

How exactly will the interactive part work?

If you have seen/played Black Mirror: Bandersnatch or any of the other two dozen interactive specials on Netflix, you’ll know roughly what to expect.

Depending on your decisions, you will get a different ending; therefore, choose love it offers what is called in games «replayability» or, in this case, «review». Here’s the logline for that part too:

“The feature will offer viewers the ability to decide what journey the main characters take over the course of this love story, making choices that can create a variety of unique storylines and multiple endings. Cami and the viewers will be faced with a kaleidoscope of tempting but difficult choices ranging from more serious ethical dilemmas to frivolous games of «Truth or Dare.»

who is cast in choose love?

choose love cast

Cast grid for Netflix’s Choose Love

The protagonist named Cami will be played by Laura Marano. Marano recently starred on Netflix the royal treatment. she will be accompanied by Avan Jogia (Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City), Scott Michael Foster (You crazy ex-girlfriend) and Jordi Webber (Power Rangers, Millennial Jenny).

What is the production status of choose love?

Production for Netflix choose love took place from April 2022, and filming took place in New Zealand, according to weekly production.

What will be the execution time of choose love?

Netflix has not confirmed the runtime of choose lovebut we wouldn’t expect it either. The viewing experience can and will vary from person to person, so you may be able to «finish» the movie and get to the ending faster than someone else based solely on the story choices you made while viewing. Like bandersnatchit was different for everyone.

What is the Netflix release date? choose love?

As part of the summer movie lineup reveal, Netflix confirmed that its The new interactive romantic comedy will be released on August 31, 2023.

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