when the biggest netflix originals might leave the service

Pictured: Orange is the New Black, Lucifer and Ozark

2022 was the year many realized that Netflix (and other streamers) could lose their own original titles, with hemlock grove being the biggest for Netflix for the year. This trend will continue, What’s on Netflix has learned.

Last year, a joint investigation with The wrapper and us revealed some key removal dates for licensed programs, including breaking bad, new girlY Seinfeld.

Now, we can reveal some preliminary removal dates for select Netflix Originals, but before that, a bit of context.

Netflix Originals come in all shapes and sizes with multiple types of Netflix Originals. In cases where Originals are allowed to come out, Netflix distributes them exclusively for a fixed period of time. This is because they are ultimately owned by someone else and are simply rented exclusively from Netflix.

However, this does not apply to all Netflix Originals. Much of Netflix’s original library is owned by the streamer. Strange thingsfor example, it will remain on Netflix in perpetuity.

The trend of Netflix removing its originals has only been a thing in recent years. Still, it will rise sharply to reflect contracts expiring after Netflix bought them over the past decade.

In 2022, 38 Netflix Original titles were removed from Netflix US. The moves included things like hemlock grove, the chronicles of frankenstein, Marvel Daredevil, Soundtrack, and more.

netflix original eliminations overtime

Netflix Original Removals Between 2017 and 2022

Now it’s worth noting that just because a title expires on Netflix doesn’t mean it’s set in stone.

Last year, lilyhammerone of Netflix’s first Netflix Originals, was due to leave the service, but a last-minute deal means it will stay on the service for several more years.

Similarly, we’re not going to include any shows currently in progress, as their removal dates will naturally be brought forward after the new seasons drop. That includes people like the umbrella academy (Universal Television), The Sandman (Warner Bros. Television), and The crown (Sony Pictures Television).

Netflix declined to provide comment for this report.

So when might the top Netflix Originals leave, and which ones are in the firing line?

arrested development

Netflix removal date: March 15, 2023
Owner: 20th Century Studios Television / Disney

arrested development 20th television

Arrested Development – ​​Picture: Netflix

arrested development is the first major Netflix Original on this list that could be out in months.. This 20th TV show originally aired on Fox and was revived by Netflix for two more seasons.

Its removal date falls exactly four years after the fifth and final season was added to Netflix.

Ultimately, Disney owns this show and has pulled it from various Netflix regions.

orange is the new black

Netflix removal date: July 26, 2029
Owner: Lionsgate Television

orange is the new black netflix

Orange is the new black – Picture: Netflix

One of the longest running shows on Netflix and a huge success for Netflix’s early efforts was orange is the new black which ultimately ran for seven seasons.

The series was recently released on DVD, which means that if the show ultimately doesn’t sell if Netflix doesn’t come back up, there will be plenty of physical copies available to pick up.

house of cards

Potential Netflix removal date: November 2, 2033
Owner: Media Rights Capital (MRC)

netflix house of cards removal

House of Cards – Picture: Netflix

One of Netflix’s first flagship titles (although the show waned towards the end up resulting in a lawsuit) was Netflix’s first big move to produce and release exclusive titles. house of cards was the Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright drama that Media Rights Capital finally owns. There’s a long window for this to continue on Netflix, and its removal coincides 15 years after the release of the final season.

This will be an interesting case study, given that the show is poorly painted due to the ongoing controversy surrounding its lead actor.

13 reasons why

Possible removal date: June 5, 2030
Owner: world paramount

13 reasons to delete Netflix

13 Reasons Why – Image: Netflix

13 reasons why it was one of the first Netflix Originals to go quote-unquote «viral,» leading to it becoming one of the biggest shows on Netflix, and season 2 was still in the top 10 all-time as the year past, with 496.1 million hours viewed. worldwide in the first 28 days.

Like a teenage Netflix heavy hitter, will Paramount want to bring back its own service or want to revamp it? That is the big question here.

Its removal date coincides with the 10th anniversary of the final season coming to Netflix.


Potential Netflix removal date: January 21, 2032
Owner: Media Rights Capital (MRC)

ozark season 4 best new shows on netflix of 2022

Ozark – Picture: Netflix

Another MRC series, but in this case, Netflix only retains the rights for at least 10 years instead of the 15 of house of cards.

ozark It requires no introduction as it is one of the most decorated shows on Netflix in terms of awards and it would be a huge loss if the show were not renewed. His removal coincides exactly 10 years after the release of Ozark Season 4 Part 2.

Narcos & Narcos: Mexico

Potential removal from Netflix: November 5, 2031
Owner: Gaumont International Television

elimination of narcos netflix

Image: Gaumont Television

It is worth noting the owner of hemlock grove, Also, Gaumont Television will finally regain control of the excellent drug traffickers series in the early 2030s – will they choose to renew this where they didn’t with Hemlock? That’s the big question.

Interestingly, the fate of drug traffickers and its sister show, Narcos: Mexicoboth expire together and coincide exactly ten years after the last season of Narcos: Mexico.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Potential Netflix removal date: August 5, 2035
Owner: NBCUniversal

kimmy schmidt unbreakable netflix

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Picture: Netflix

A rare and early comedy hit on Netflix that has been widely publicized about how it came to Netflix, after being skipped by NBC. The Tina Fey-produced series starred Ellie Kemper, who traveled to New York City after being incarcerated for most of her life.

The removal takes place 15 years after the release of the interactive special which released in 2020 (although not on the exact day like some other titles listed in this article).


Potential Netflix removal date: September 10, 2031
Owner: Warner Bros. Television

lucifer netflix removal

Image: Netflix

Another Netflix revival that, again, originally aired on Fox. Lucifer has been one of the biggest and most successful Netflix revivals in history, releasing three seasons under the Netflix Original banner (including a season that wasn’t originally supposed to happen).

Once again, the removal coincides exactly ten years after the release of season 6 on Netflix, which occurred on September 10, 2021.

purple hearts

Potential Netflix removal date: July 29, 2052
Owner: alloy entertainment

sofia carson nicholas galitzine lucas purple hearts

Purple Hearts. (Left to right) Sofia Carson as Cassie, Nicholas Galitzine as Luke in Purple Hearts. Chrome Stone Hopper/Netflix © 2022.

When looking for movies to include on this list, we went through the entire top 10 most popular movies of all times. For the most part, Netflix has the rights locked in forever for most titles, with purple hearts being a major exception, but even then, they have the rights for quite some time with Netflix picking up the rights for 30 years.

In fact, when the rights to purple hearts, I will approach the great old age of 60 years.

We’ll be posting more about these removals in the future, and as always, you can stay up to date on all Netflix Original removals and Licensed removals via our Coming Out Soon section.