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The ten episodes of unit 42 will leave Netflix globally in June 2023 when its licensing rights are renewed.

The crime drama series Unit 42 (also known as Unité 42) originates from Belgium and comes from creators Julie Bertrand, Annie Carels, and Charlotte Joulia.

The show first aired on La Une in Belgium in 2017 before coming to Netflix. globally in June 2019. Now, just four years after Season 1 arrived, you have to depart with the takedown notices currently showing for June 14, 2023 and your last day to watch is June 13.

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If you plan on watching the show before it comes out, here’s what to expect:

“A widowed cop picked to lead a special cybercrime unit teams up with an ex-hacker to hunt down the tech-savvy criminals terrorizing Belgium.”

DailyDot reviewed the series at the time of its release on Netflix and ultimately gave it a rating of 3 and a half stars and concluded: «unit 42 shows tremendous promise and gives proper space to its leads, with each episode further illuminating Gay’s star power.»

Two seasons of the show were produced for unit 42, but only one made it to Netflix worldwide, with one notable exception. That exception was Netflix France, which received the 10-episode second season and is currently not scheduled to lose any seasons simultaneously like other regions.

Because it is unit 42 leaving Netflix?

As we’ve covered before, there are several types of Netflix Original even though they’re all branded and downloaded on Netflix the same way (only Prime Video differentiates between an Original and an Exclusive).

In the case of Unit 42, Netflix simply exclusively licensed the show in international territories for a fixed period of time. As we now know, that time period was exactly four years.

Once unit 42 is leaving Netflix, it will join the more than 80 Netflix originals that have left the service. Great movies and series like Reckless, Jessica Jones, Shtisel, and disengaged all have left for various reasons, and more will follow in the years to come.

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