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A super-popular K-drama, Something in the Rain, is scheduled to hit the US library in May 2023. We’re hopeful that the K-drama will return, but for now, it looks like another K-drama exclusive series. Netflix will go. the streaming service.

something in the rain is an internationally licensed South Korean Netflix original drama series from Korean Production Content K and Drama House. The series was broadcast in South Korea on the jTBC cable television network. The series features popular Korean actors such as Son Ye Jin, Jung Hae In, Jang So Yeon, and Jung Eugene.

When a single career woman reunites with her best friend’s younger brother after he returns from three years working abroad, their efforts to reconnect turn to romance.

When is something in the rain leaving Netflix?

At the time of writing, something in the rain it is currently scheduled to leave Netflix US on May 25, 2023.

On your Netflix app, you’ll currently find the K-drama with the caveat that your last day to watch it is May 24.

netflix k drama something in the rain leaving netflix in may 2023

Because it is something in the rain Leaving Netflix when it’s an Original series?

Unlike shows like squid game, we are all deadand The glory, something in the rain It is not a «complete» Netflix Original. By this we mean that Netflix has not produced the show and has instead licensed it exclusively for international distribution. As a licensed K-drama, this means that it would only be available to stream for a limited period of time, or in the case of something in the rainfive years.

Where could it be something in the rain be able to stream below?

Netflix is ​​not the exclusive home for K-drama content outside of South Korea. There are a handful of competitors in the US and around the world, where something in the rain could stream below such as Viki, Kocowa, Asian Crush and Tubi.

As unlikely as it is, the series could always end up on Amazon Prime or Disney+.

Willpower something in the rain be re-licensed by Netflix?

There’s always a chance that something in the rain it could be relicensed before it leaves Netflix. We’ve seen a handful of licensed Netflix K-dramas leave only to return weeks later.

Netflix will most likely renew the license for the K-drama and return to the library within several weeks of leaving.

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