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The ten-part Japanese romantic comedy series let’s get divorced Coming to Netflix in June 2023! We keep track of everything you need to know about let’s get divorcedincluding the plot, cast, trailers, and Netflix release date.

let’s get divorced is an upcoming Netflix Original Japanese comedy series co-written by screenwriters Kudo Kankuro and Oishi Shizuka. The series is co-directed by Kaneko Fuminori and Fukuda Ryosuke.

What is the plot of let’s get divorced?

the synopsis of let’s get divorced has been obtained from MyDramaList:

Shoji Taishi is a new third generation legislator who comes from a family of politicians and had a sheltered upbringing. The womanizing and not particularly intelligent Taishi and his actress wife, Kurosawa Yui, who got the breakthrough from him in a drama series, have been married for five years. They act like a happily married couple for the sake of their job and their public image, but their marriage has already broken down. Taishi and Yui hardly have a conversation except when they go live on social media and they don’t even see each other at home. Although they have become disenchanted with their marriage, they are unable to divorce immediately due to pressure from their families and sponsorship deals. The couple has no choice but to unite with the unwavering goal of breaking up.

Who are the cast members of let’s get divorced?

Matsuzuka Tori will play the lead role of Tokaibayashi Daishi, and actress Naka Riisa will play the lead role of Kurosawa Yui.

Matsuzuka Tori has yet to star in a Netflix original series or movie. He is best known for starring in movies like the blood of wolves, defense of impossibility, call boyand love for beginners.

let's get divorced season 1 j drama coming to netflix in june 2023 tori matsuzaka

Matsuzuka Tori as Usobuki Tadashi in Impossibility Defense

fans of alice on the border You should instantly recognize Naka Riisa as Kano Mira, also known as the «Queen of Hearts». The Japanese actress has starred in multiple anime projects, lending her voice to movies like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, summer warsand zebra man 2. As for live action, she’s starred in shows like Tokyo MER, cherry blossom towerand Time Traveler.

let's get divorced season 1 j drama coming to netflix in june 2023 naka riisa

Naka Riisa as Kano Mira, aka the “Queen of Hearts” – Netflix

Nishikido Ryo will star in the supporting role of Kano Kyoji. He has yet to star in a Netflix series, but he is best known for starring in other J-dramas like Atenshon purizu, Ichi Rittoru no Namidaand Rasuto Furenzu.

Itaya Yuka will star in the supporting role of Inda Kaoru. Itaya Yuka will make her Netflix debut in Let’s Get Divorced. She is best known for starring in movies like a stranger of mine, the outrageand High sky.

The remaining supporting cast members are Yamamoto Koji as Soda Go and Furuta Arata as Henry K.

What is the episode count?

It has been confirmed that there will be a total of ten episodes.

Runtimes have yet to be revealed.

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