netflix anime expo panel 2023

Pictured: Zom 100, Pokemon Concierge, Beastars, and PLUTO

The annual Anime Expo (AX2023) is right around the corner. Netflix will present new information about its upcoming anime series and movies. We’re waiting for news, first looks, and release dates, and here’s everything we know about the event so far.

Taking place in Los Angeles, Anime Expo is an annual convention dubbed «North America’s Largest Anime Convention» featuring panels and booths from some of the world’s biggest names in the genre as well as titles. promising.

Netflix will host an hour-long panel looking at the future of its slate with a bunch of titles (preliminary list of those below).

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for him AX Calendar 2023Here’s what to expect from Netflix’s «See What’s Next @ Netflix» panel.

“Watch What’s Next @ Netflix during their ‘From Japan to the World’ presentation. Get ready for an exciting look at all-new live-action and anime adaptations from Japan and the US.

What time will the Netflix Anime Panel take place at AX2023?

This is the time the panel will take place:

  • 3:15 p.m. Pacific Time
  • 18:15 EST
  • 23:15 BST
  • 03:45 a.m.

It is unclear if the panel will be broadcast live to the general public, however Netflix has stated that all new videos will be added to Japanese Netflix YouTube account.

What Netflix shows and movies will be featured at AX2023?

As mentioned, Netflix is ​​teasing a few surprises for the event, but has already unveiled a number of shows and movies that will be getting updates:

  • Beastars (final season) – Scheduled to arrive in 2024, we are getting more information about the fourth and final season.
  • PLUTOExpected to arrive in October 2023, we will get more information about the highly anticipated new season. Masao Maruyama will be present at the panel.
  • Pokemon Janitor – A new stop-motion animated series set in the world of Pokémon was announced earlier in the year and is scheduled to arrive later in 2023.
  • Zom 100: Wish List of the Dead – Netflix US will be the streaming home for VIZ Media’s new anime series in July 2023 and the new live-action adaptation. Eiji Akaso and Kotaro Takata will be present at the panel.
lineup for netflix ax2023

Lineup for Netflix Anime Expo 2023

For more on Netflix’s upcoming anime slate, keep an eye out for our big preview of what’s next for the genre.