Nequi is one of the most used platforms in the country to manage money digitally. By the end of 2022, the company showed that it reached 14.8 million customers, 9.5 million of them active.

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Nequi also works as a digital pocket.

Currently many users use it to make digital payments, to buy things and more and more merchants have it as a payment method, due to the ease and security it offers.

Thanks to its popularity, scams and forms of robbery have emerged over time, it is not surprising that every day they devise a new way of scamming.

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One of the most recent is presented by means of an email in which they impersonate the company and inform them that their account was suspended and requires a new link to be reactivated.

The mail comes from “”Therefore, users who receive a message with these characteristics should not open it or link their data.

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Even, the mail arrives with a phone number and an email address with which the user can contact in case of doubts. Media that they also use to steal money.

“There was recently an attempt to access your account from an unknown device/IP so we are doing our best to protect your funds. Your moves will be enabled once you successfully complete a new link from here”, says the message from the criminals.

Tips to protect your Nequi account from theft

Cybercriminals use malware tools to take control of our devices and thus activate our camera, our microphone and see what we type.

– Be sure to do the facial or voice recognition In optimal conditions to improve the experience and increase security, remember that if you lose your cell phone when logging in on another device, you will be prompted to perform this process.

– A vital one but one that you should always remember is, do not share your key with anyone and use patterns that are not so obvious. Also, the platform will request a change every year.

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– Do not open any email, link or message from the platform that is not endorsed or that does not have the necessary domains, it may be a scam (as in the case reported above).

– In case you have doubts, contact the customer service team through the official channels. You can find help in the application or on the main page.

lina hernandez serrano

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