• The project will be led by 16 professionals of recognized prestige, including a famous astronaut

  • The results of the analysis will be published in mid-2023

The US space agency NASA has launched the UN independent scientific team to study the unidentified aerial phenomena. That is, events that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena and that, until now, we don’t know what it is about. This is not the first time that a scientific study has raised this phenomenon, but it is one of the most most ambitious projects to date. As announced this Friday, the project will officially start next Monday, October 24, and will last about nine months. The objective, explain its promoters, is make a full report about what we know (and what we don’t) about UFO sightings and publish it in mid-2023.

This macro-study on UFOs, as explained by the space agency, will be led by 16 professionals with different profiles. The research team has astrophysicists, biologistsartificial intelligence experts, science journalists diplomacy experts. One of the most famous names on the team will be the astronaut scott kelly: one of the people who has spent the longest time in space (340 in total) and the protagonist, along with his twin, of the first study on how zero gravity affects genes.

«We have gathered some of the most prestigious scientists in the worlddata science professionals and aerospace safety experts so they can tell us how to study this phenomenon,» says daniel evans, one of the promoters of this study group. The complete list of members This new research team includes David Spergel, Anamaria Berea, Federica Bianco, Paula Bontempi, Reggie Brothers, Jen Buss, Nadia Drake, Mike Gold, David Grinspoon, Scott Kelly, Matt Mountain, Warren Randolph, Walter Scott, Joshua Semeter, Karlin Toner and Shelley Wright.

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A few months ago, NASA announced that it was willing to invest up to 100 million dollars in the study of unidentified aerial phenomena. The creation of this independent scientific team will be the first step to launch the investigation of these enigmatic events. «Understand the data we have about these unidentified aerial phenomena is essential to help us get scientific conclusions about what is happening in our skies. Data is the language of scientists and makes the inexplicable explainable,» explains Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s Science Missions Program Manager.

The scientific study of these phenomena, they explain from the space agency, will start with «an open mind» and with the hope of «find different explanations» to events that, until now, seem a mystery. «We will not underestimate what the natural world contains and we believe that there is much to learn,» explain the promoters of this analysis. Of course. Despite the initial enthusiasm, experts emphasize that, day by day, «there is no evidence which supports the idea that these phenomena are of extraterrestrial origin».