the novel of nairo quintana and its future has brought a new chapter, but it has not had a happy ending. Corratec Team it was a fleeting option.

TIME spoke Wednesday with serge parsanithe manager, who contains the interest in having the Colombian and that there were two big problems, money and the issue of tramadol, since they belong to the Movement for a Credible Cycling (MPCC), which works against doping. In addition, she spoke of interest in being in the Italy spin.

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Almost 24 hours later, it is assumed that this squad was invited to the Giro. Parsani told Antena 2 that he could no longer hire Nairo, that they were not interested.

Of course, they had already achieved their goal, to be in a big one and without the big ‘investment’, without Nairo. Corratec filled the space left by the team of Gianni Savio, that he could not continue in the Proteam. Simple.


His words reflect that the problem is much more serious. Parsani said that Quintana could be hired by teams that are outside the MPCC and that the International Cycling Union (UCI) It should help them so that they have open doors in other groups. That is very serious.

A few weeks ago ‘the ball rolled’ that Nairo had been vetoed by ASO, the company that organizes the Tour de France, which they sent to the teams not to hire him, but no one has confirmed that. As always, ‘it is said’.

Today ordinary people blame others for their problems. The bad guys are always the others and they don’t look from the outside in.

The problem is caused by him and he is assuming the consequences. Nobody ‘takes away the dance’, his excellent results have made him the most important Colombian and Latin American cyclist in history, but you don’t have to cover the sun with a finger.

Now, it turns out that the culprits for Nairo not having a team, not continuing in the elite of world pedaling and having his future on the line are the UCI, the organization of the Tour de France and the MPCC, and it is not like that.

The culprit of all this has a name: Nairo, and the last name he carries is tramadol, you don’t have to look for the cat’s five legs.

(Shakira and Piqué: composer of the song ‘he let go of his tongue’ and gave it away, video)

Lisandro Rengifo
Editor of EL TIEMPO