A Missouri man accused of holding a woman captive in his basement until she escaped last year has been charged with rape and other charges carrying life in prison, the Clay County prosecutor said Tuesday.

Timothy Haslett Jr., 40, was charged with nine counts, including rape, sodomy and kidnapping, prosecutor Zach Thompson said.

If convicted, Haslett, who is being held in lieu of $3 million bail, could face more than five life sentences in prison, Thompson said.

«We would not be here today if it weren’t for the courage of one woman and the tireless efforts of the men and women of 16 different agencies,» Thompson said, according to video transmitted by local media.

Haslett was arrested in October after a woman escaped from her Excelsior Springs home wearing a metal necklace with a padlock on it and went to neighbors for help, police said in court documents.

A neighbor said she was getting ready to go to work on Oct. 7 when she heard the victim call for help and called police.

The house where the neighbors raised the alarm in Excelsior Springs, Mo.Sarah Plake/KSHB

Haslett’s public defender said he will plead not guilty to the charges in the indictment at his court appearance on Friday.

The victim who escaped on October 7 told police that Haslett picked her up on a street in Kansas City, Missouri, in early September, and that she had been held in a small basement room, handcuffed on her wrists. and ankles, police said. she said in a probable cause statement previously filed in court.

The woman also said she had been repeatedly raped and caned, but managed to escape when Haslett left to take her son to school, the detective said in the document.

The grand jury indictment announced Tuesday includes one count of first degree rape; four counts of first degree sodomy; one count of first degree kidnapping; two counts of second degree assault; and one count of endangering a child.

It is an open investigation, Thompson, the prosecutor, said Tuesday. He encouraged anyone with information to contact Excelsior Springs police.

Excelsior Springs is a city of about 10,500 people about 25 miles northeast of downtown Kansas City, Missouri.