A Massachusetts man accused of misleading authorities during an investigation into his wife’s disappearance reportedly threatened to kill her and her friends eight years ago, according to a police report obtained Thursday.

The 2014 Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department report obtained by NBC Washington does not identify Brian Walshe, but an agency spokesperson confirmed that Walshe was the person accused of threatening Ana Walshe over the phone.

The spokesman said no charges were filed against Walshe because the victim refused to cooperate.

The incident happened before they got married, NBC Boston reported.

Anna Walshe.
Anna Walshe.via NBC Boston

The case was closed and no further details about the alleged crime were available. An attorney for Walshe, Tracy Miner, did not immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday.

Brian Walshe, 47, told authorities on Jan. 4 that he last saw his wife, 39, a mother of three and a regional general manager for a real estate firm, on New Year’s Day, according to an affidavit of probable cause used to arrest you. Sunday.

He said she left her Cohasset home for a business trip to Washington between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m., according to the affidavit.

Three days later, Ana Walshe’s employer asked Cohasset police to check on her. She had last been seen days before, her car was in Washington and no missing persons report had been filed, the person she called said, according to a report. police record of the call obtained by the cohasset anchora local news site.

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Authorities have not been able to confirm the trip, although he had a flight booked to Washington for Jan. 3, Cohasset police said.

Walshe was later charged with misleading authorities about his whereabouts on January 1 and 2. It is alleged that he spent $450 on cleaning supplies, mops and duct tape the last day his wife was seen, and investigators found blood and a damaged body. blood-stained knife in the couple’s basement, prosecutors said.

In response to an earlier request for comment, a Miner aide declined to comment on the lawyer’s behalf, saying: «His focus is defending Mr. Walshe in court.»

Walshe is on probation for federal wire fraud after he pleaded guilty in 2021 to stealing Andy Warhol paintings from a college classmate and commissioning forgeries.

julianne mcshane contributed.