It’s been 15 days since live air suspended its operations in the country and there are still travelers with problems at national airports. The crisis that broke out in the aviation sector does not seem to end.

The national government would be evaluating presenting a complaint against the low-cost airline for the crime of fraudaccording to the Transport Minister, Guillermo Reyes, in an interview for ‘CM&’.

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The minister stated that they are compiling all the evidence and information necessary to present the complaint to the competent authorities from the national government.

«We are verifying the possibility that Viva (Air) has incurred in a possible criminal type of fraud close to the 200,000 million pesos. We are verifying the issues, and this week we would announce very tough decisions to the country on this issue,» said the senior official.

The objective of the complaint is to guarantee the rights of the workers who were left adrift after the administrative decisions of the airline that suspended operations on February 28. Along with this, for alleged violations of the legal system.

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We are verifying the possibility that Viva has incurred in a possible criminal type of fraud

«Here not only the person is respected, the Law and the Constitution and the rules that govern air transport are respected,» said the minister during an interview.

In addition, he said that among the different complaints and denunciations that they have received, some travel agencies reported debts of up to 30,000 million pesos for tickets sold by Viva Air and have not yet received a response.

The Attorney General’s Office is already beginning the investigation against the Colombian airline, according to the attorney general, Francisco Barbosa, in an interview for RCN Radio.

«We are determining if we are facing mass fraud crimes, but there are some issues that are administrative and have to be resolved. So we are determining if we are facing this type of crime or not,” Barbosa said.

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For now, it is being presented whether or not to proceed with a criminal prosecution against the company that, despite having a 20 percent representation in the Colombian air market, is awaiting a process of integration with avianca.

It is expected that in the next few hours the Civil Aeronautics will deliver a response on this process. Along with this, the Superintendence of Transportation submitted Viva Air to the control figure. This implies that you cannot sell property, modify statutes and other actions without authorization from the entity.

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