Millionaires are haunted by their recent past. He is a shadow. Pinto’s 50-point team that broke in the last game, against América, in Bogotá, to get into the final. The team of Gamero’s eight eliminations, the same Gamero team that lost the 2021 opening title in an incredible and pandemic final against Tolima: they drew 1-1 in Ibagué and on ‘D-Day’ – definitive! –, in El Campín, they finished the first half winning 1-0 and lost their expected star 16 by 2-1 in an unusual way.

Last December, just last December, he went to Pereira, again he was winning 1-0, again he lost 2-1 and again Gamero and his team were left with the curly facts…

What happened, if his game was good, reliable and praised? From the outset, many specific individual errors: missed penalties, unbeatable wasted scoring options (even penalties!), defensive blunders that led to defeats.

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At this start of the semifinal homer B, Millos remains the leader. They tied as a visitor against Medellín due to an error by their goalkeeper Montero in a free kick. He should have won. And they defeated Boyacá Chicó at home because their goalkeeper Montero saved them six times (he even covered a penalty!) and made Leo Castro’s goal in an isolated play out of gold.

Millionaires vs Boyacá Chico


Cesar Melgarejo – WEATHER

That 1-0 win over Chicó, who did not deserve to lose with one less player for half an hour, is quite a selection for Millonarios: playing what he hasn’t played for several games, on Saturday he knew how to compete when the ball jumped at him as if it had a toad inside, when he ran after the rivals because he didn’t take it off in the middle, when he gritted his teeth, held on, controlled and I won.

What is knowing how to compete?

What is knowing how to compete? That’s another buzzword. Competing is confused with the attitude, the claw, the trade. But they are summed up in my words: knowing how to compete is doing what the specific moments of each game ask for to achieve the result. Thus, if it is time to have the ball, well, it is, and if it is time to burst it, then it is to burst. Yeah It’s time to slow down the game, because it slows down, and if it’s time to attack and send the substitute goalkeeper to head, then you attack and send… You have to have the maturity and ability to make and execute the correct decision in the right time!

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And that capacity and maturity to compete begins with individualities, because ‘1’ gets what he has to get and ‘9’ gets the ones he has to get. Knowing how to play and knowing how to suffer to write the result either in verse or in prose.

Millionaires vs Boyacá Chico


Cesar Melgarejo – WEATHER

The day after tomorrow, this Millionaires of today, with less pressure in the opposite field, less possession of the ball and more long game than short, visit América and their fearsome attack. High competition exam.

The requirement for Millonarios and Gamero is to be League champions. For that, he must know how to compete as he did against Chicó, to defeat his shadows and not stay, again, with the frizzy facts.

Meluk tells him…

Gabriel Meluk
sports editor

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