The 16th star of Millionaires put the hearts of the fans of the ambassador team to the test. With the drama of losing the start, drawing and winning the final against Nacional in a vibrant penalty shootout, emotions overflowed the stands of the El Campín stadium.

In the midst of the celebration of those who hugged each other in the popular ones, those who cried in the boxes and those who shouted on the edge of the grass, the inconsolable cry of ‘Checho’ stood out, a fan of Millonarios who was a few meters from the pitch, but who couldn’t celebrate.

And now, when all the fans of Millos seem to be one, the video of his emotionality portrays the feeling of passion for the team.

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Millionaires fan cries without being able to celebrate the title

Millionaires fan breaks down in tears in the final against Nacional, in El Campín.


‘TikTok’ Jorge Merchán

In the video of the moment, shared by the fan of Millonarios Jorge Merchán, it is seen that at the end of the commitment the emotion of ‘Checho’ was unique.

He, a fan like any other, was at El Campín, but his job that day was to help with the logistics of the event.

For this reason, although his feelings encouraged him to turn around and see what was happening on the field, his commitment forced him to keep his eyes on the stands he was monitoring.

Precisely, when the moment of the celebration arrived, ‘Checho’ couldn’t take it anymore. And, true to his work, he had no choice but to cry inconsolably as a result of emotion.

Today, a couple of hours later, he is already celebrating without limitations. And on social networks the rest of the fans show him that he is everything, ‘except alone’.


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