Lionel Messi couldn’t have had a better debut at Inter Miami. The Argentinian ’10’, in his first game with the shirt of the colero from his area in the MLSmodify giving victory to the team led by Gerardo Martino, also from Argentina, in the game against Cruz Azul for the Leagues Cup.

Not in vain, this Saturday, the Argentine press highlighted the «unforgettable» debut of the captain of the world champion team.

«Dear mommy! Unforgettable opening night for Messi in Miami. In the last ball, he nailed a free kick and gave Inter 2-1 against Cruz Azul», highlighted the sports newspaper ‘Olé’ on its cover, which it dedicated to Messi, with a photo of the ‘Flea’ shouting the goal with Inter’s pink jersey.

And this Saturday, the same newspaper publishes on its website an event that was not seen on the broadcast cameras in the country: the vomiting of Robbie Robinson, Messi’s teammate, in the middle of the game.

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The vomit that nobody saw in Messi’s debut in Miami

Lionel Messi debuts with Inter.

As seen in a viral video, Messi’s debut had a fact that was not seen in the official broadcast of the game.

In the second half of the match that Inter beat Mexican Cruz Azul 2-1, American Robbie Robinson suffered from intense nausea.

In the end, he had no choice but to throw up in the middle of the game.

Luckily, the fact did not become major and Robinson was able to finish the game.

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Messi’s great goal

Messi scored, in the last breath of the game, the winning goal for Inter Miami.

His goal was registered in cameras located in different oppositions. All the images coincided: it was a great goal.

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