María Conchita Alonso: «You don’t have to kill them, but you have to get the communists out of the country»

«I would like the United States to invade with bullets to get all those unfortunate communists out of Venezuela,» actress María Conchita Alonso said a few days ago in an interview with La Voz de América, the international radio and television service of the US government. USA

Following his statements, the Venezuelan government published a resolution in the Official Gazette requesting a lawyer from the Ministry of the Interior to initiate proceedings to revoke Alonso’s naturalization as a Venezuelan citizen.

The artist, who acted in films with Robin Williams, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Glover, was born in Cuba, but came to Venezuela at the age of 5.

The BBC Mundo correspondent in Mexico, Juan Carlos Pérez, spoke with Alonso about how he felt after hearing the news, his opinion regarding the management of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, and what he meant by making the controversial statement. commentary.