A 64-year-old Maine woman punched a bear that was chasing her dog, causing the bear to bite back, state wildlife authorities said Friday.

The woman was treated for puncture wounds to the wrist following the confrontation at 11:30 a.m. Friday, the Inland Maine Department of Fish and Wildlife said in a statement.

The dog was unharmed.

The Porter, Maine, resident confronted the black bear «head on» after it chased her dog out of nearby woods, the wildlife department said.

«And when the bear got to his feet, he stood up as tall as he could, then he punched the bear in the nose, after which the bear bit his right hand and pierced his wrist,» he said.

The bear released the woman and fled, the department said.

Wildlife officials have set up live-capture traps in the area, but there have been no sightings of the animal since it escaped, Mark Latti, a spokesman for the department, said Saturday night.

It was one of the few recent confrontations between humans and wild animals.

In Litchfield, Connecticut, on Saturday, a 65-year-old homeowner was hospitalized with injuries not believed to be life-threatening when he stepped between his dog and an attacking bear. NBC Connecticut informed.

The dog was taken to a vet for treatment, he said.

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection and Environmental Conservation Police said the bear was checking out a bird feeder when the dog gave chase, according to the station.

Also in Connecticut, a bobcat died after it attacked a camp leader who was sleeping in a hammock during a youth expedition in the woods.

The leader and two other adults of the expedition killed the wildcat. They were taken to a hospital for undisclosed injuries after Friday’s incident, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said.

Bobcats rarely interact with or attack humans, experts say.

To prevent bear attacks, New England wildlife officials urge residents not to leave bird feeders, pet food, trash, or outdoor grills, especially in the spring, summer, and fall.