Losing something is desperate. Most will know how it is sensation that invades the body when we lose something, much worse when it comes to objects with sentimental value.

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recover something you have lost It is not as easy as it looks. First, it depends on the characteristics of the lost; then, the place and, third, how realistic it is to find it. The following story is about this and It went viral on social media.

A woman from Minnesota, United States, can assure that luck when it comes to finding things does exist. Mary Strand lost her diamond ring one day when he was in the bathroom of his house. The ring slipped off her finger and fell into the toilet. Naturally, the woman didn’t know how or where to start looking, so, saddened, He gave it up forever.

He got his diamond ring back


YouTube: Metropolitan City Hall

I was spinning. I really went for it, and it went down the drain

“I was hanging around. I really went for it, and it went down the drain,” she explained to CARE 11. the diamond ring It was a 33rd wedding anniversary gift. which he gave to Mary Strand to her husband, Dave. «I was thinking, ‘He’ll never buy me another ring’… I felt very bad because it was a gift”.

The ring went into retirement, and despite the spectacular coincidence that her husband was owner of a drainage and sewage company, drifted away. It was over a decade before she received a call from a local water treatment plant.

Luck smiled on them 13 years later

Jeweler managed to make ring


YouTube: Metropolitan City Hall

The woman did not count on luck would smile on him thirteen years later. It’s all thanks to some employees who worked at a Minnesota regional water treatment plant and He came across Mary Strand’s diamond ring, as revealed by the local media KARA 11.

Then came the day when employees at the Rogers, Minnesota, plant, including John Tierney, a mechanical maintenance manager, they saw a “flash of light” among the rubble.

Noting the unique design of the ring, Tierney felt that trying to return the ring would not be an easy pursuit. So the City Council made the discovery public on social media calling his discovery a needle in a haystack.

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We recently found a ring at one of our regional wastewater treatment plants.

“We recently found a ring at one of our regional wastewater treatment plants,” they wrote in the tweet, which a picture of a ring in a haystack appeared. “This is something rare and we want to return the ring to its owner! Please contact us if he lost a wedding ring down the drain.”

Hundreds of calls came to the plant in response to the post, but they were ruled out when asked to send photos of the ring. Finally, two local jewelers examined the photos and found that one of them looked like one he had made. It was the one that belonged to Mary Strand.

The ring left the plant, which of all places is on a road called Diamond Lake, and ended up back in the hands of Mary Strand. according to FACE 11, I will have it ready for wear on her 46th anniversary with her husband.

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