The United Kingdom and the world are preparing for the coronation this Saturday of King Charles III, the first in 70 years. The ceremony, which is expected to be surrounded by great pomp, will take place starting at 11:00 am local time (5 am Colombia time).

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The coronation show will begin this Saturday with the carriage procession that the monarch and the queen consort, Camilla, will make from Buckingham Palace, residence of the royal family, to Westminster Abbey, in London.

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The monarch, accompanied by the queen consort, will depart in the «Diamond Jubilee» carriage, one of the most modern, from the palace to tour the great avenue The Mall and the Whitehall area, where the main ministries are located, until arriving at the abbey, where the formal ceremony will take place.

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Seven decades in the shadow of her legendary mother, Elizabeth II, Charles III will be the fortieth monarch to officially ascend to the throne at Westminster Abbeywhere English and British kings have been crowned for nearly a thousand years.

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A worker inspected the Drum Major State cape adorned with the new CR III shield and which will be worn during the Coronation of King Carlos III.


Justin TALLIS / AFP)

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Follow here the minute by minute of the monarch’s coronation.

The doors of Westminster Abbey open, guests begin to arrive

The doors of Westminster Abbey opened to begin to receive the first guests to the coronation.

Soldiers head to their meeting point ahead of Britain’s King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla, traveling from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey.

Protests by members of the anti-monarchist group

The anti-monarchy groups have decided to exercise their right to protest this Saturday, the authorities have indicated that there will be no tolerance for any disturbance to public order.

Thus, they have taken to the streets with posters and pamphlets calling for «abolishing the monarchy» or with the message «he is not my king.»

A policeman watches members of the anti-monarchist group Republic protesting on the Coronation Day of Britain’s King Charles III in London.


Cathal McNaughton. EFE

Everything ready in London for the coronation of Carlos III and Camila

London dawns this Saturday decked out to host the coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey of the Kings of the United Kingdom, Charles III and Camila, an ancient ritual that is celebrated for the first time in the 21st century.

According to the details revealed by the Duke of Norfolk, Edward Fitzalan-Howard, responsible for organizing the ritual, the abbey will receive some 2,300 guests, including a centenary of heads of state and for the first time kings of other countries, such as those of Spain. .

Princes Henry and Andrew will have no official role in the coronation

Princes Enrique, the youngest son of Carlos III at odds with the family, and Andrés, the king’s brother removed from public life after a sexual scandal, were invited to the monarch’s coronation but without any official role, the Palace was guaranteed on Saturday.

A few hours before the coronation, the British camp in the street

Several British citizens camp out on the route of the coronation procession on The Mall in London, hoping to be in the front row, just hours before the coronation of Charles III.

Royal fans wait on the coronation procession route on The Mall ahead of the coronation ceremony for Britain’s King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla, in London.


Martin Divisek. EFE

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