Behind the leak of highly sensitive documents from the US government would be a young man between the ages of 20 and 25 fond of weapons who supposedly works at a military baseThe Washington Post reported.

The newspaper revealed that a person known as «OG» (Original Gangster, in English) created a channel on Discord, a social network for video games, through which a community of fans of weapons, religion and military bases began to emerge.

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On this platform they would have disseminated one of the largest US intelligence leaks that threatens security national of the North American country and that of its allies.

The American newspaper stated, in an article published this Wednesday, that it questioned two members of a group formed on the social network Discord, on condition of anonymity.

In that group were published centenary of confidential documentssome listed as «top secret», all come from the same user: «OG».

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The alleged author of the leaks published for months hundreds of pages copied from documents from the military base where they worked, exclusively the newspaper.

The newspaper obtained access to videos sent to the Discord group in which the alleged perpetrator at a shooting range exclaiming racist and anti-Semitic insults.

According to the American newspaper, «OG» told the members of the group that spent «part of the day inside a secure facility in which cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited» and that «he worked piecemeal for hours» preparing documents «to share them with his colleagues on the Discord server.»

Some information was so sensitive that it was marked with the «NOFORN» label, that is, it could not be disclosed to foreigners, published in the Washington Post.

The group, of about 24 people –
mostly young men and boys – grew up around their «mutual love of guns, military hardware and God,» constituting in 2020 «a club» that could only be accessed by invitationaccording to the newspaper.

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The published documents give an account of the concerns of the US intelligence services regarding the possibility of a Ukrainian counteroffensive against Russian forces, due to training and supply problems.

A file reviewed by AFP reflects US concerns about Ukraine’s ability to continue defending itself against Russian bombing.

Dozens of photos from those files They were shared on Twitter, Telegram and Discord in recent days. Some had been circulating on the internet for weeks or even months without the press noticing them.

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US authorities have not publicly confirmed the authenticity of those files, and this one was also not verified by any independent source.

In addition to information on Ukraine, Documents also include confidential analysis by US allieswhom US officials are now trying to reassure.

Many of the documents are no longer available where they first appeared, and others have been removed by the United States.

*With information from AFP