Kristen Bell – Photo by Ricky Middlesworth

Following its initial announcement last summer, things are moving forward on Erin Foster’s now untitled comedy series with Kristen Bell as the first major cast member announced for the project. what’s on netflix has learned.

The comedy series was first announced. in August 2022 in a profile with The Hollywood Reporter detailing Erin and Sara Foster’s upcoming projects and their rise to fame. Regarding Netflix, the article included that they are working on a new comedy series that was then called Shiksa.

Back then, the project was described as “a Netflix comedy with Modern Family co-creator Steven Levitan” and included that Erin would write the series and Sara would produce while also developing as an acting vehicle for both sisters.

foster sisters netflix

Erin and Sara Foster – Image: Instagram

According to Netflix, the tagline for the new series, inspired by Erin’s marriage to The Core Entertainment co-founder Simon Tikhman in 2019, is as follows:

«A comedy centered on the unlikely relationship between an irreverent, outspoken, and agnostic woman and an unconventional rabbi.»

kristen bell has been chosen to play one of the two leads in the new series.

Bell is best known for playing Anna in Disney’s hit animated film Frozen, but she’s also synonymous with veronica mars and NBC the good place.

For Netflix, Bell starred in the series, The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the windowreleased in early 2022 and the 2018 film as a fatherwhere he performed alongside Kelsey Grammar.

Bell is represented by CAA, James Adams in Schreck Rose Dapello Adams Berlin & Dunham LLP and True Public Relations.

No other cast members were confirmed today beyond Kristen Bell, although we’ve heard that a deal is closing for another actor that should be announced in due course. It is also to be confirmed if Erin or Sara will be the protagonists.

The executive producers of the now untitled series are Erin Foster, steven levitan, digregory craig, kristen bell, Sarah Foster, Obst Oly, josh lieberman, and danielle stokdyk.

3 Arts Entertainment and 20th Television, in association with Steven Levitan Productions, are behind the series for Netflix.

We’ll post a full preview of this new comedy series when we know more about the project. Until then, let us know if you’re waiting in the comments below.