In a brief review of his five days of touring the US, President Gustavo Petro classified his visit as a sign that Colombia positioned itself for a week in the «leadership center in the great problems of the world”.

The president not only highlights his participation in the United Nations forum, highlighting as a fundamental point of the discussion «the balance of humanity and nature»; he also reviewed meetings with American businessmen.

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The central issue would have been the environment and how it should be «articulated with the new development plan of Colombia.»

What did Joe Biden say about the meeting?

In addition, The President of the United States, Joe Biden, thanked Gustavo Petro for his visitthrough their social networks, emphasizing»their commitment to address climate change and promote democratic values ​​throughout the Americas«.

The message accompanies a video of the meeting, in which Biden is seen welcoming Petro in a friendly way. «Mr. President, it’s great to see you here in the Oval Office.«, he is heard saying in the clip.

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The US president also assured that Colombia and the US are starting a fight against climate change togetherannouncing investment by your country for the conservation of the Amazon.

For his part, Petro retweeted Biden’s post.

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