James Rodríguez began 2023 with his worst valuation in the transfer market in the last decade.

The talented Colombian midfielder, who has been keeping pace with Greece’s Olympiacos, has not been able to stop his estimate from falling on the transfer market. In the last five years, its value has fallen by more than 70 million euros.

In fact, the last calculation of the specialized portal ‘Transfermarkt’ is conclusive: James has his worst value in more than 10 years.

The amount is close to when he had not been in Europe for two years.

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James’ worst value in 10 years

According to the values ​​of the ‘Transfermarkt’ portal, upon his arrival in Europe, in 2010 James had a value of 4.5 million euros (more than 20,300 million pesos).

Then, when he left Porto de Portugal to AS Monaco, his value reached 35 million euros, more than $157,000 million pesos. This, in 2014, when he had already been in the Principality team for several months.

After the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, in which he scored goals, the value of James in the market rose to 80 million eurosjust over $360,000 million pesos.

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Then, when he went to Bayern Munich, Rodríguez had an estimate of 50 million euros ($226 million pesos), which he later managed to bring, in the same team, in 2018, to 80 million ($360.800 million pesos).

Later, with his unexpected departure from Bayern Munich, market value plummeted.

When Rodríguez arrived at Everton in England, in a zero-cost operation, as reported by the Liverpool club at the time, he had an estimated value of 35 million euros (more than $157,000 million pesos).

In 2021, with his arrival at Al Rayyan, James will present a value of 20 million euros.

In the middle of last year, when his experience in Qatar was about to end, the ’10’ came to have an estimate of 13 million.

Now, at Olympiacos, according to the latest ‘Transfermarkt’ calculation, its market value is nine million euros, the lowest in the last decade.

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