The tourism sector in the country has been quite turbulent in recent months, due to various factors such as the increase of some products due to the reactivation of VAT to tourist services, and the recent commotion in the air market due to the current situation of some airlines. It is in this way, traveling has not only become a subject of uncertainty, but more expensive for households Colombians

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In this way, although this situation can generate uncertainty in Colombians when booking their next vacation; there are alternatives to make the desired trip without spending more money.

This is how Viajes Falabella launched five tips for thrifty travelers so they don’t miss out on achieving their dream of discovering a new destination.

What time and day do I look for a flight?

For the platform, although there are many myths about the best day to buy flights, the best hours to schedule the trip or the way to take advantage of the offers, not all are determined.

That is why he points out that, rather than looking for a specific time, you have to be flexible with the date of your trip.

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«If you have flexibility regarding the season in which you will make your next trip, review different dates to make it. By advancing or delaying it a few days, you can get more savings«, recognize.

Additionally, on some websites and mobile Apps, you can select the option that
provide “Any cheapest date”; this way, you can see the more options
economic available
depending on your destination.

In addition, if you make this request with the support of expert personnel in physical stores, by video call or by telephone, flexibility can also be indicated to the advisor, who will find the alternatives that best suit the budget.

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Also note that traveling on weekdays to some destinations may be
Cheaper to do on the weekend. Also, if you plan your vacation for
dates that are not high season you can find better alternatives in prices, and
including, greater supply availability
”, indicates Daniel Figueroa, commercial manager of
Travel Falabella Colombia.




book in advance

Once the travel dates are defined and the services you want are found, the platform recommends make the reservation without hesitationWell, it may be that by letting more time go by waiting for prices to drop, on the contrary, they may go up or even run out of availability.

Thus, they recommend for domestic flights, book three months in advance, and international flights at least five. In the case of accommodation, they will indicate to book two months before the date of entry.

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Every day there are more alternatives for travelers, so conducting a filtered search will help you find what you really want and need. Falabella travel recommends take advantage of the services that agencies offer To access
more effective way to the information of interest.

«For example, in terms of accommodation, you can filter according to price, category and even by services such as whether it is pet friendly, if it has room service or if it has a playground or beach inside the property. Regarding the type of accommodation you can choose between resorts, villas, houses, cabins, among many others»given.

In the case of flights, filter the search by number of stopovers, baggage allowance, airlines, flight duration and price. And when it comes to activities, the options are no less, you can find them defined under categories: gastronomy, adventure, museums and cultural places.

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More products for less price

Regardless of the season or date of travel, reserve several products in a single transaction that will bring great savings when traveling.

Viajes Falabella points out not to leave anything out, because in a single purchase you can buy air tickets, accommodationactivities at destination, transportation, vehicle rental or travel insurance.

In the long run, at the destination, this will also mean the peace of mind that you will not leave anything important out and avoid setbacks.

On your next vacation, try taking your next trip with the whole family,
then reserve packages of Travel for groups is usually cheaper than doing it for one or two people as some hotels and tour operators have special group rates.

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Additionally, if you purchase other special services such as car rental, the cost will be divided more economically among several people.

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