In 2022 in Colombia, according to the Superintendence of Notaries and Registry, 20,284 couples divorced. This process not only implies emotional consequences, but also economic ones.

When a civil marriage is contracted and both parties want to end it, it can be done from a Notary with a deed called divorce. But, when it was celebrated by the Catholic Church or by another religion recognized by the State, divorce is called cessation of the civil effects of religious marriage, and it is also done in a Notary.

According to ‘Notary 19’, this process does not have an exact value and depends on whether it is mutual or not. Both cases require the representation of a lawyer who charges a fee established by the National Bar Association (Conalbos). Unless the person can self-represent for having that profession, as authorized by law.

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Divorce cases and their costs

1. If it is by mutual agreement, there are no assets or children, you can go to a Notary and do the process called Express Divorce and it may take 1-3 days. Notary fees must be paid, which range between $200.00 and $400,000, plus attorney’s fees. Also, it can be done before a court where they do not charge anything, but the attorney’s fees are paid, plus some extra expenses.

2. The couple has no assets but they do have children. In this case, a process for food must be carried out, which can cost around five minimum wages. In addition, the child support obligations are stipulated and a quota is set for the absent father, according to his salary. Here too, and as in all cases, the lawyer’s fees and notary fees are added.

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3. When one of the spouses does not want to separate and the other does. The divorce can only be processed before a Family Court and the lawyer’s fees may increase due to the length and complexity of the case.

For all cases the representation of a lawyer is needed.

4. If it is a divorce with assets and without children, the liquidation of the conjugal partnership must be made, so the lawyer will charge his fees plus a certain percentage according to the commercial value of the goods.

5. When the couple has assets and children the divorce process it can take between six months to a year, which causes the lawyer’s costs to vary. In general, this process can be lengthened by the liquidation of the conjugal partnership and by the fight for the custody of the minors.


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