The South American Sub-20 left a good image of Bogota as a soccer field. With a full house on the four dates of the final phase in the campin, The Colombian National Team qualified for the Youth World Cup that was held in May in Indonesia.

Now, with the tournament over, the stadiums in the Colombian capital are once again available to the six professional clubs that play there: El Campín, for millionaires and Santa Fe, and the Metropolitano de Techo, for Equity, in the first division, and Fortaleza, Bogotá and Tigres, in B.

Many of those who attended the Colombia matches are not regular soccer customers. Now that the League is back, the question arises: how much does it cost to go to the local League matches in the capital? Here are the rates.

Ticket prices for Millionaires matches

Millionaires manage a single rate for all their matches, not counting those who have already purchased their subscription. Until January 30, 12,609 fans had guaranteed their presence for all the games of the semester, including the regular phase and the match against the Catholic University of Ecuador, in the preliminary phase of the Copa Libertadores. However, there is the possibility of paying until February 15.

Individual tickets range from 40,000 pesos, in the high south side tribune, to 134,000, in the high and low central western.


Nestor Gomez / EL TIEMPO

Other prices: general eastern low north and south, 52,000; eastern general casualty, 72,000; oriental preferential high north and south, 74,000; high central eastern, north and south lateral western and general low north and south western, 96,000, and preferential high north and south western, 122,000. To this we must add the price of the TuBoleta service.

Santa Fe, with three ticket office rate tables

Santa Fe manages three ticket price tables, according to the rivals they have to face. Class A, with the highest price, are Millonarios, América and Nacional.

The games against Cali, Medellín, Tolima, Junior, Caldas, Pereira and Pasto are class B and Boyacá Chicó, Águilas Doradas, Bucaramanga, Envigado, Jaguares, Unión Magdalena, Alianza Petrolera, La Equidad and Huila are class C.


Mauricio Moreno. TIME

The distribution of prices in the Santa Fe stadium is different from that of Millonarios. For his first presentation, this Tuesday against Pasto, the prices are (not including TuBoleta processing and shipping costs): Lateral Sur, 38,080 pesos; eastern general, 51,520; preferential oriental and eastern stalls, 66,080; western general, 80,640; western high and low stalls, and western preferential, 124,320.

Equity defines prices on the fly

La Equidad defines the ticket prices of its matches in the previous days, depending on the rival and the importance of the match. This Wednesday they will play their first home game of the year: they will face Medellín.

For this game, the Metropolitano de Techo stadium only has two seats available: eastern, which costs 40,000 pesos, and western, with a value of 80,000. To that must be included the price of the TuBoleta service.


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