With the live-action One Piece set to sail in 2023, we want to answer one of the biggest questions surrounding the show. How many seasons of the One Piece live-action series can we expect to see on Netflix? Let’s talk about this.

At the time of writing this article, there are currently 1073 published chapters of One piece and 1049 episodes of the anime adaptation.

The anime alone equates to roughly 25,152 minutes or 419.2 hours of runtime. This means that, without stopping, it would take a minimum of 59.2 days to see everything. One piece. The astronomical amount of time it takes to watch the One Piece anime will only grow in size in the coming years thanks to the ongoing manga and its anime adaptation, which will see hundreds more episodes produced.

One of the biggest critics of the One piece The anime often finds its pace, sometimes taking an entire 24 minute episode just to adapt one chapter when it’s feasible to cover 3 or 4 chapters at once. However, the pacing problems the anime faces are also due to the fact that it cannot exceed the story beyond the manga, forcing Toei Animation to write filler or mess up the pacing.

This gives the live-action series a chance to give the story the pacing it deserves.

season 1 pacing

While the live-action series has the huge challenge of adapting the mammoth-sized story, it also has the advantage of having a lot of time on your hands and not having to worry about exceeding the source material.

The runtimes have yet to be confirmed, however we can assume that each episode will be approximately 45-60 minutes long.

We are sure that the first season of the live action adaptation will cover the story until the end of Arlong Park. This means that per live action episode approximately 4.4 anime episodes are covered.

We are speculating that each episode will cover the following arcs:

episodesstory arcanime episodesmanga chapters
oneromantic sunrise1-31-7
23Orange City Arc4-88-21
4-5Syrup Village Arc9-1822-41
6-7Baratian Bow19-3042-68
8-10Arlong Park Arch31-4469-95

What about the next seasons?

With as much padding as possible reduced, good pacing and at least ten episodes per season, then we’re speculating that each season can cover the following sagas/arcs;

oneRomantic sunrise – Arlong Park
2City of Logue–Alabasta
4Water 7 – Post Enies Lobby
5Thriller Bark – Amazon Lily
6Impel Down to postwar arc
7Return to Sabaody – Dressrosa
8Zou – Whole Cake Island
9Levely – Wano Country
10+final saga

Is it feasible to cover story arcs like Dressrosa and Wano Country in one season?

Must be.

The scale of One Piece’s story is enormous, and adapting the story for a live-action series is an immense task. Thanks to the sheer number of story arcs, it’s hard to see how the series won’t have a minimum of ten seasons. That’s a big commitment from the cast, crew, and Netflix if the story is to be adapted from start to finish.

How many seasons of One Piece do you think we will see on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!