The Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday launched more attacks on President Joe Biden and his family, alleging that relatives of the president engaged in business with foreign nationals as part of the panel’s investigation into the finances of the Biden family.

President James Comer, R-Ky., sent a memorandum on Wednesday morning to Republican members of the panel about what he described as information the committee recently received from subpoenas from four different banks. The memo said the subpoenas were «tailored to specific individuals and companies that were engaged in business activities with members of the Biden family and their business associates.»

The memo provides limited details about the Biden family’s alleged business dealings with foreign nationals. It alleges that the activities of the Biden family and their associates in Romania «show clear indications of a plan to sell influence from 2015 to 2017,» alleging that while Biden was vice president, his son Hunter received more than $1 million through an associate. of a company. controlled by a Romanian official accused of corruption.

The memo also says that the «activities of the Biden family and their associates in coordination with Chinese citizens and their corporate entities appear to be an attempt to engage in financial deception.» The memo reiterates previous allegations Comer made against Hunter Biden in his memo released in March, in which the committee chair alleged that the president’s son and at least two family members received $1.3 million from a Hunter Biden associate who had received $3 million from a Chinese energy company that was affiliated with another company Hunter Biden had been doing business with.

In response to the memo, White House spokesman Ian Sams said Comer «has a history of playing fast and loose with facts and spreading unsubstantiated innuendo while refusing to legitimately conduct his so-called ‘investigations.’ public information». to selectively filter and promote their own hand-picked narratives as part of his overall effort to launch personal attacks on the president and his family.»

«Instead of staging another political stunt, Chairman Comer and House Republicans should do their job, avoid unconditional default and prevent a devastating economic collapse that could cost millions of Americans their jobs,» Sams said.

Representatives for Hunter Biden did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment.

As the new House Oversight Chairman, Comer in January renewed his request for the Treasury Department to turn over documents related to the business enterprises of members of President Joe Biden’s family, including «suspicious activity reports» related to Biden’s son Hunter Biden and his brother James Biden. .

Comer said at the time that his committee «is concerned about the national security implications resulting from President Biden’s family receiving millions of dollars from foreign nationals» and «will continue to follow the trail of money and facts to determine whether the president Biden is compromised by his family’s business.» schemes and whether there is a threat to national security.”

In his memo released Wednesday, Comer said again that his committee «plans to collect additional bank records in the near future and continue to follow the money trail» as part of his commitment to «root out the fraud, waste and abuse that exists at the highest level». of the federal government.»

Hunter Biden’s finances, specifically his tax payments to the IRS, have been under investigation by federal prosecutors in Delaware since 2018, years before his father was elected president. He has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.