Haitian police said Monday that at least 10 suspected gang members had been lynched and their bodies burned by Port-au-Prince residents.

Haitian police spokesman Gary Desrosiers said the group of armed bandits was traveling in a vehicle in the capital and that police intended to arrest them.

Separately, he said notorious crime boss Carlo Petithomme was dead, without elaborating. Petithomme went by the alias Ti Makak and led a gang of the same name.

The lynchings followed days of clashes between gang members and security agents.

Reuters photos and videos circulating on social media show several bodies piled up on the road, with smoking tires and other objects on top. People surround them, shouting furiously. A person can be seen beating the lifeless bodies with a blunt object.

Gangs in Haiti have grown stronger since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in 2021, with residents caught in the middle as much of the capital and much of the countryside have gone lawless.

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