In the middle of the war in Ukraine, an image full of hope came to light that has touched millions of people. The photograph shows a woman listening to the heart of a little girl in the hospital.

The heartbeats that he heard are those of the heart of his four-year-old son, who had, but his organs were donated.

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“It is extremely touching that the mother of the deceased child came to listen to her son’s heartbeat in the other breast. I have tears in my eyes for this photo,» said Oksana Dmytrieva, chairwoman of the subcommittee of the Ukrainian parliament, through her social networks.

The procedure was carried out in the Kyiv hospital and under various difficulties such as the age difference of the minors. FIt was a three-hour operation that was successful, according to information from the authorities of the Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on Monday, July 3.

The family donated the child’s organs as he had after suffering a aneurysm, lor that it caused brain death.

The transplant was led by Dr. Boris Todurov, head of the surgical department, according to CNN.

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In total, there were three children who received the organs of the child under the age of four: the heart, for a six year old girl; the kidneys, for a child of 12; and the liver, for a 15 year old.

However, the reality of the war also affects the medical unit, because if the specialists are performing surgery and are alerted to an attack in the city, the operation cannot be interrupted.

The Heart Institute of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine mentioned for CNN that the patients were taken to a specially equipped bomb shelter. Nevertheless, The people who are part of the intensive care unit, due to their lack of mobility, have to be supported by the guards on duty.

In addition, the entity that, due to the social crisis that they face every day, there are more and more people sick due to cardiovascular causes or whose health is affected due to stress.


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