The fusion energy has its roots in military field. During the development of the first atomic bomb In World War II, some scientists began some studies on the possibility of building a nuclear bomb fusion. After 1945, movements for international control of atomic weapons slowed down research, until the Soviet atomic bomb explosion in October 1949 marked the official beginning of the Cold War. Research on fusion for military purposes began in the 1940s as part of the so-called ‘Manhattan Project’, but did not meet with relative success until 1952. Research on controlled fusion for civilian purposes began in the 1950s.

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From that moment, the military pressures in favor of the construction of the superbomb prevailed and the research program focused on the development of the H-bomb, whose technological principle would later be derived from the nuclear reactor.

Fusion has always been the technology of the future for many years. Experts have predicted for years that the merger was about to become a reality. It was predicted for 1978, for 1985, for 2000. The experts of the 50s estimated that there was a 50% probability that the merger would have commercial development in 1985. But all failed.