A «callous» Florida police officer has been arrested for allegedly stealing a dead man’s credit card information and using it to make personal purchases, including fast food and tabs, authorities said Wednesday.

St. Cloud Police Officer Dianne Ferreira was taken into custody with her own handcuffs and booked on suspicion of theft of a credit card with intent to use, credit card fraud over $100, and use of a credit card identification. Dead person, Osceola County Jail records. presented.

Ferreira, 25, was on a routine call last month to the home of a couple outside Orlando where the husband had died, authorities said. That’s where she allegedly took pictures of the dead man’s credit card and used that information to make purchases.

«You have to be a pretty callous person to go into someone’s house where their spouse or loved one just passed away and start taking instant photos of a credit card,» Osceola County Sheriff Marcos told reporters. Lopez. «That’s pretty cold, you know, pretty ruthless.»

When asked if the suspect had any financial difficulties that could have led to the theft of the $450 credit card, Lopez rejected any excuse the now-ex-officer might have.

«There is no excuse. I mean, if you’re going to get your nails and eyelashes done and you’re going to order food from Wendy’s, I don’t think your eyelashes justify a need and a financial situation,» Lopez said.

Ferreira had been on the job since August 2021 and has no criminal record.

«I was shocked and shocked by the information uncovered during this investigation,» said St. Cloud Police Chief Douglas Goerke. “It directly violated everything expected of our law enforcement officers.”

While the investigation is ongoing, the chief and sheriff said Wednesday that they have no evidence that this suspect stole his credit card information.

Ferreira was taken into custody Tuesday night and released shortly before 2:30 a.m. Wednesday after posting $4,000 bail, a jail spokesman said.

Jail records did not list Ferreira’s attorney and she could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday.

Donna Mendell contributed.