TO pink-spotted domestic pigeon and then released into the wild died this week, possibly from inhaling toxins from the dye, a New York City wildlife rescue service said.

The royal pigeon, nicknamed Flamingo, was found last week in Madison Square Park and turned over to the Wild Bird Fund. In a tweet on Tuesday, the center announced that Flamingo had died.

«Despite our best efforts to reduce the fumes emanating from the dye, while keeping it calm and stable, he died overnight. We believe his death was caused by inhalation of the toxins.» cheep read.

The center said it believes the hair dye was likely used to change the color of the pigeon. The workers tried various methods to remove the dye, but none worked.

The bird was malnourished when it was found in the park. He appeared to be a novice and «had no survival skills.»

“Even without the added complication of toxic dye, it would not have survived in a city park as a helpless white bird,” the center said in its tweet, warning that releasing domestic birds is dangerous. Domestic birds released into the wild will die from starvation or predation, according to the Wild Bird Fund.

«‘Dove releases’ sounds romantic, but remove the decorations and Instagram photos, and are the equivalent of dumping your helpless pets on the side of the road. This is no way to celebrate anything,» the center said. «Rest in peace, sweet bird.»

It is not clear why the bird was dyed or who is responsible for it.