With the wide implementation of digital platforms in the different work, educational, among others. Millions of people spend a large part of their day sitting every day. in front of a computer.

Physiotherapists assure that This routine and sedentary lifestyle can have negative effects on health and well-being, since prolonged sedentary lifestyle can cause muscle stiffness, Back pain and a decrease in body flexibility.

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The experts assure that to avoid these side effects of a sedentary lifestyle There are simple and effective exercises that help relax muscles and joints.

Stretching exercises are a practice to lengthen muscles, increase flexibility and range of motion in joints.

Five stretching exercises

The Mayo Clinic recommends performing neck stretchwhich consists of slowly leaning to one side, trying to bring your ear towards your shoulder, keeping your shoulders relaxed, holding this position for 20 seconds and repeating to the other side. This stretch helps relieve tension in the neck and shoulder muscles.

Harvard University recommends lower Back Stretch, To do it, it is important to sit in a chair with your feet firmly on the ground. then you should lean forward bringing the chest towards the knees and letting the arms hang relaxed towards the floor. It is recommended to maintain this position for 20 seconds and repeat at least five times.

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The American Council on Exercise recommends sitting on the edge of a chair and extending one leg forward, keeping the other foot flat on the floor, This exercise makes it easier to stretch the hamstrings, it is advisable to maintain the exercise for 20 seconds and perform it several times alternating legs.

The Cleveland Clinic recommends performing a shoulder and chest stretch to achieve this you must Put your arms behind your back and interlock your fingers. then you should stretch your arms out and raise them slightly while the shoulders are fallen, This exercise helps to open the chest, improves breathing and helps to improve the stooped posture. What do you get from sitting for so long?

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The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases assures that it is important do a wrist and hand stretch for this you will only have to extend one arm forward and with the other hand tilt the fingers back, for 20 seconds, this exercise is mainly recommended forFor those people who spend a lot of time typing or using electronic devicesIt’s like computers or cell phones.

Exercise routine for a healthy heart


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