Welcome to your first look at what’s coming to Netflix, specifically in the UK, throughout April 2023. We’ll be keeping track of all the exciting new originals and licensed content coming soon.

As a reminder, this list covers UK releases only, so if you’re looking for the US releases for April 2023, you’ll need to head over to our dedicated list.

In case you missed it, we’ve also kept track of all the latest movies and TV shows coming to Netflix UK in March 2023.

Please note: this isn’t the full list of what’s coming to Netflix UK in March 2023; We will continue to update until March 1st. You’ll find weekly roundups of what’s new on Netflix UK via our dedicated section.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 1, 2023:

  • Beyblade Burst Quad Drive (Season 1) – Japanese anime series based on the beloved toy from the 2000s.
  • Home (2015) – Animated children’s adventure centering on an Alien on the run, who befriends a human girl.
  • Thirteen (2003) – Drama starring Evan Rachel Wood and Holly Hunter.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 2, 2023:

  • War Sailor (Season 1) north – Norwegian war drama.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 4, 2023:

  • Colors of Love (2021) – Cheesy romantic drama starring Jessica Lowndes and Chad Michael Murray.
  • My Name Is Mo’Nique (2023) north – Standing special.
  • The Firm (Season 1) north – Musical contest in search of the next star of Latin urban music.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 5, 2023:

  • Lewis Capaldi: How I Feel Now (2023) north – Music documentary chronicling Lewis Capaldi’s journey from viral sensation to Grammy-nominated artist.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 6, 2023:

  • MEAT (Season 1) north – Comedy series starring Steven Yuen and Ali Wong.
  • IRL – In Real Love (Season 1) north – Hindi reality dating series.
  • Monster Hunter (2020) – Action and adventure based on the beloved Japanese video game from Capcom. Starring Milla Jovovich.
  • The Nutty Boy (Season 2) north – Brazilian animated series centered on a boy who always has great ideas, but ends with disastrous results.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 7, 2023:

  • Sucks (2023) north – Family adventure that pits Alex, a young man visiting his family in Mexico, against the dangerous scientist Dr. Quinn, who is looking for the mythical baby chupacabra hidden under Alex’s family home.
  • Oh Belinda (Season 1) north – Turkish Theater
  • Thicker Than Water (Season 1) north – French thriller
  • Transatlantic (Limited Series) north – German 7-part series based on the novel. The flight portfolio.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 8, 2023:

  • Hunger (2023) north – Thai drama centered on a noodle shop owner who is invited to join the fine dining industry but is tutored by an infamous chef.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 10, 2023:

  • Eater (Season 8) north – Preschool animated series.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 12, 2023:

  • American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing (Season 1) north – Archival footage, re-enactments and exclusive interviews chronicle one of the most terrifying days in Boston history.
  • Operation: Nation (2023) north – Polish comedy centered on the romance of a right-wing nationalist and a left-wing activist.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 13, 2023:

  • Alex Schwazer: Running For My Truth (Season 1) north – Italian gold medalist Alex Schwazer has been suspended for doping, but enlists the help of one of his accusers to prepare him for the Tokyo Olympics.
  • Florida Man (Season 1) north – Comedy series starring Edgar Ramirez as Mike Walker, an ex-cop who returns to his home state to find a mobster’s runaway girlfriend.
  • The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib (Season 2) north – Dreamworks animated children’s series.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 14, 2023:

  • The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die (2023) north – The epic ending to the story of Uhtred of Bamburgh.
  • Queenmaker (Season 1) north – Weekly K-Drama series centering on an angry former employee who uses her public relations skills to help a civil rights lawyer in the mayoral campaign against her former employer.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 19, 2023:

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once and Forever (2023) north – The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers return to battle a global yet familiar threat.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 20, 2023:

  • Ex-Addicts Club (Season 1) north – Indonesian sitcom.

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 21, 2023:

  • One More Time (2023) north – Swedish romantic comedy
  • Diamonds in the Rough (Season 1) north – Belgian thriller

What’s coming to Netflix UK on April 27, 2023:

  • Love Tour Guide (2023) north – Romantic comedy starring Rachel Leigh Cook as Amanda Riley, who after an unexpected breakup is sent to Vietnam to go undercover and learn about the tourism industry.
  • Firefly Lane (Season 2 Part 2) north – Romantic drama starring Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigl.
  • The Nurse (Season 1) north – Danish crime drama
  • Sweet Tooth (Season 2) north

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