egan bernal finished his fifth Back to France. If you look at the general classification, it would be said that it is the worst of his sports career, but in light of what has happened, passing the sentence line in Paris It is like repeating the history of 2019, when he won it.

Yes, it sounds mean, but it’s the truth. Bernal was saved from being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life and in the worst case from dying in that accident on January 24, 2022, when he crashed into a bus.
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in the bad

Many thought that they would not return and returned.
Others imagined that they would not return to compete in a big one soon and they did and the most pessimistic considered them retired. None of that happened.

Bernal finishes a Tour in which reality landed him again. He knew that he was not in his best condition, that he did not have the strength, nor the head, nor the legs to fight the powerful ones in the peloton for the first places.

He tried in the early stages and stayed with them, but when the mountain arrived he couldn’t stand the pace, the reality of his state of form and trying to find his best pedal stroke in this sophisticated cycling and in which you don’t have to give a second of advantage opposed him instead.

turned the page

He dedicated himself to helping his teammates, to being an unconditional support of the men who one day helped him win the Tour and the Giro d’Italia.

carlos rodriguez, The 22-year-old Spaniard, who made his first Tour, was the most benefited not only from Bernal’s collaboration, but from his advice. He owes a large part of the ‘top’ five that he achieved.

Arriving in Paris for Egan is like his rebirth in the big ones. A year ago it was prevented from integrating the lot into the Elisha Fields, but he did.

That Egan Bernal is in cycling is a miracle. The end of the Tour is a reward for his effort. The fact that he has arrived in Paris and is not on the list of withdrawals from the best race in the world is a gift that life gives him.

Perhaps he will not be the same as before, that remains to be seen, but the mere fact of having resumed his profession as a cyclist in this fast Tour, the most demanding in recent years, is in itself the guarantee that there will be Egan Bernal for a while, even if good results do not accompany him. I hope they come back.
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