• alejandro rodriguez
  • Special for BBC World

Internet connection in Cuba

image source, AFP


ETECSA, Telecommunications Company of Cuba SA, is in charge of providing Internet access to Cubans.

I am one of those Cubans who connects to the internet through the Nauta service, an email service offered at exorbitant prices by the only telecommunications company operating in Cuba (ETECSA).

ETECSA’s connection is quite fast (one could say «normal»), but taking into account the current rate—4.50 CUC per hour (about US$5), and also that it is the only legal opportunity to access the internet for citizens, the cases in which someone makes extensive, recreational or relaxed use of this service are very rare.

In the city where I live, Camagüey, there are about 350,000 inhabitants and less than 10 places where navigation rooms operate: from the largest located on the main commercial artery, to the smallest with a single computer enabled in a peripheral neighborhood .

I usually go online for 13 minutes a couple of times a week.