The exchange rate in Colombia continues to fall, driven, among other factors, by the drop in inflation in the United States, which moderates the expectations of new increases in interest rates in what is considered one of the economies largest on the planet. In the last week, andThe price of the dollar in Colombia has lost just over 112 pesoss and although the official rate in force for this Thursday is 4,458.87 pesos, at the beginning of exchange operations in the country the currency marked a price of 4,430.56 pesos, that is, more than 28 pesos below the rate official today.

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The dollar has received several forces that make it go down in Colombia. On Wednesday the data of United States of inflation for March, of 5 annual percent. As inflation continues to fall, expectations of further rate hikes by the country’s central bank, the Federal Reserve (Fed), are moderated.

The recent bankruptcies of medium-sized banks also suggest that the Fed will be more measured in raising its rates. Likewise, the price of oil will continue to rise, after OPEC’s announcements to cut supply.

The price of a crude barrel reached its maximum price this Wednesday in 2023. Likewise, it is traditional for companies to bring foreign currency in April to exchange them for pesos for tax payments.

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