Spinsaurus replica

image source, AFP

An international group of scientists discovered, from a giant fossil found in the Sahara desert, that the Spinosaurus aegyptiacusthe largest predator of the Cretaceous, knew how to swim.

According to a study published in the journal Sciencesthe skeleton of spinosaurusa carnivore greater than the tyrannosaurus rexIt presents “unique adaptations” to function in both the terrestrial and aquatic environment.

The scientists, led by University of Chicago paleontologist Nizar Ibrahim, described the specimen as the first to be able to live and hunt in water thanks to relatively small limbs and a narrow, elongated jaw.

Thus, he could return to his nostrils until they were arranged on the head to breathe semi-submerged. In addition, he had flat feet, possibly webbed, which helped him propel himself in the water.