Di4ries – Picture: Netflix

Netflix has renewed Italian teen series Di4ries, which was apparently filmed in secret and will premiere in two halves, the first in September 2023.

In comparison with Degrassi Jr.the Italian teen series premiered on Netflix globally in July 2022. It was set in the hallways of Galileo Galilei High School and told us the story of «first crushes, first kisses, and fun with friends.»

Stand By Me is the company behind the series for Netflix and has also worked on titles such as The General’s Men, high infedeltà and love dilemma.

di4ries renewed for a 14-episode, two-part second season

Coming soon.it was the first to report that di4ries had been renewed while reporting on the fact that I hate Christmas it had been renewed for a second season. TBI vision he later endorsed this in March 2023, who expanded the renewal.

Simon Ercolani, the showrunner of the series, told TBI what we can expect from the second season, saying:

“In the second series, the protagonists are a little older: they are 13 and 14 years old. The problems and challenges they face are typical of their age group, but we also explore some new topics: bullying, anxiety and insecurity at that age, and much more. .

«One of our main points of focus is the relationship between individualism and group membership: in the second series we took the point of view of more than one character per episode as a way of emphasizing differences in perceptions between characters.»

15 episodes made up the first season of the show, and season 2 will consist of 14 more, but will be split into two halves.

He first half of di4ries Season 2 will be released in September 2023, while the remaining episodes will be released in March 2024.

As we’ve seen in various Netflix revamps lately, while di4ries it didn’t light up the global Netflix charts, it did very well in its home country of Italy. FlixPatrol reports that the show appeared in the top 10 there for 37 days total on the TV charts and even longer in the kids’ top 10 surviving for 72 days and counting. As noted, you need to spend more than 30 days in the top 10, especially in a show’s home country, to get a renewal order.

The show did not appear in the global top 10, so we do not have viewing hours data.

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