A Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to Charlotte made an emergency landing Wednesday morning after crew members reported malfunctioning equipment to air traffic control.

Flight 1092 landed safely without the use of nose gear at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, an airline spokesperson said in a statement.

«While this is somewhat rare, Delta flight crews train extensively to safely handle many scenarios,» the airline said.

The plane was carrying 96 passengers, three flight attendants and two pilots, and no injuries were reported.

Delta apologized to passengers «for what they experienced.»

A Delta plane managed to land without landing gear in Charlotte, NC on June 28, 2023.@parks3811 via Twitter

Flight tracking data indicated that the plane circled several times before landing.

A passenger told the NBC affiliate NCMC of charlotte that the crew was «incredible» and that the landing was «absolutely perfect.»

After the crew and passengers disembarked, they were transferred to a terminal via a bus.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident.