With the expiration of the validity of the ‘Clean slate’ law that was active from October 29, 2021 to October 29, 2022, Millions of people have set out to find out what state their credit history is in in the databases.

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One of the most frequent questions from defaulters is about consultations, since there is a popular imaginary that lThe investigation of the score in the credit bureaus, in this case Datacrédito, lowers the score of the user or account holder under review.

According to the official Datacrédito portal, access to your history can be done to avoid impersonation or fraud problems:

The query trace is a mark that remains in the credit history of the owner of the information. for a period of 6 months, to evaluate if it can be granted a loan», commented the aforementioned portal.

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Likewise, according to Natalia Tovar, Vice President of Legal and Corporate Affairs of Experian Spanish Latam, commented to ‘Blu Radio’ in 2021, “the times they consult will not lower the score. The score DataCrédito do not take query traces into account, it is more a myth than anything else”.

You should take into account that with the expiration of the law you will no longer be able to consult your history for free on the main page of midatacredito.com, so You will have to pay a monthly plan to have that information.

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What comes for debtors in 2023?

According to ‘Forbes’ magazine, returning to the previous regulations after the expiration of the ‘Clean slate’ law and Defaulters will not be affected more or differently from what already exists in the regulations. This means that when you catch up on a debt, it can be seen in your credit history for twice the time of the default and for up to four years.

“Likewise, the expiration of unpaid obligations is maintained. How does it work? once elapse 8 years of consecutive delinquency reported in the credit historythat negative information will be removed from the credit history,» Tovar explained to ‘Forbes’ Colombia

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