The suspension of the match between Sports Tolima and millionaires, on Sunday in Ibagué, after a fan of the local team entered the field and attacked Daniel Catano, visitor’s player, unleashed a wave of indignation in Colombian soccer, even without knowing the consequences that the action may have for both the fan and the member of the Bogotá club.

Cataño, who was sent off by the referee wilmar roldan After answering the blow, he is exposed to a sanction of four to ten games and a fine between four and eight minimum wages for assaulting the public.

A sanction is also expected from Dimayor for Alexander Montenegro, the fan who attacked Cataño. A ban of up to five years to enter the stadiums and a fine between 20 and 100 monthly minimum wages are exposed.

Montenegro, who was arrested in the middle of the Murillo Toro stadium, was released yesterday, although the footballer filed a complaint against him for personal injuries.

Montenegro made a video apologizing for what happened, posted on social media. not to mention Cataño.

Ibagué mayor’s office will also summon Cataño

In addition, the Secretary of Government of Ibagué, Milton Restrepo, announced that the mayor’s office of that city will summon Cataño to render defenses, in the midst of a sanction process for attacking the Tolima fan. The footballer is exposed to a fine between 20 and 100 monthly minimum wages.

Restrepo announced on social networks that there will also be punishment for the aggressor fan, for the eastern and family tribune of Murillo Toro for applauding the fact and for the Millonarios bar, which attacked a member of Esmad.

What will happen to the party? The report sent by the referee Wílmar Roldán says that the game was definitively suspended. The two teams have 48 hours to present their claim. It is already public that Tolima is going to request the points, as stated by its president, César Camargo.

“I do not agree with the position of Millionaires. That solidarity is fragile, it is more convenient than solidarity. I am not condemning, I am exposing what happened,» Camargo told Win Sports.

For his part, Enrique Camacho, president of Millonarios, said that the issue of points is secondary. «There are things that are above three points and that is that a show can be carried out with harmony, tranquility and peace,» Camacho told Caracol Radio.

EL TIEMPO was able to establish, after consulting sources close to those who must make the final decision (the Championship Disciplinary Committee meets at the end of this Tuesday afternoon), that it is possible that the game could be rescheduled, without leaving aside the sanction both for Cataño as for the Ibagué plaza, which could be between two and four dates of suspension.


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